Hunting of Belarus

Hunting of Belarus

Belarus has all necessary conditions for the hunt: more than 18 million hectares of hunting grounds, about 20 species of animals and 30 species of birds

Since ancient times the diversity of natural resources and extremely rich animal life of Belarus has attracted hunters from the entire Europe (incl. France, Hungary, Spain, Italy etc.). The northern part of the country is covered with numerous forests and marshes of Neman’ and Occidental Dvina’ catchment basins. The central part of the country is hilly area which gradually transforms into southern lowlands – famous Polesskaya area, where river Pripyat, one of Dnieper’s feeders, rolls its waters to the sea.

    Belarus is considered to be a natural environment for numerous species of birds:

  • Capercailye (wood-grouse);
  • Black grouse hunting;
  • Woodcock hunting;
    As well as for fur-bearing animals:

  • European Bison;
  • Red Deer;
  • Moose;
  • Wild Boar;
  • Roe Deer;
  • Wolf.

Exactly here, in Belarus, the second birth was given to such species as European Bison, Wolf, Castor when the danger of their extinction was on.

There are many hunting farms in Belarus today which have everything you need: there are fixed and temporary towers for hunting, hunting lodges, professional huntsmen. The process of hunting in Belarus depends on the type of animal you hunt.

Almost the whole year hunting is an open season.

Hunting season

Bison October 01 – March 31
Moose September 01 – December 15
Roe Deer May 15 – December 15
Wild Boar May 15 – January 31
Red Deer September 01 – January 31

Marvelous natural surroundings, an astonishing number of lakes, vast areas of woodland, hospitable and kind-hearted local people, wide variety of fowl will undoubtedly amaze either an experienced hunter, or a curious tourist.

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