Historical facts

Historical facts

Belarus during the period of primitive communal system and in the early Middle Ages. The Belarus’s territory settlement dates back to the period of the Middle Paleolith (100-40 thous. years B.C.), first settlements appeared 27-24 thous. years ago.

The Belarusian Lands in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (mid 8 – mid 16 centuries). The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), which came into being in the 13th century and incorporated most of Belarusian lands. According to ancient chronicles the town of Novogrudok (situated in the western part of the present territory of Belarus) was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The Belarusian Lands in Rzecz Pospolita (mid 15 – late 18 centuries). The 1st of July 1569 saw the signing of the Union of Lublin act. According to the act the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania translated Rzeczpospolita (Commonwealth).

The Belarusian Lands in the Russian Empire. The late 18 century saw three divisions of the Rzeczpospolita which resulted in the Belarusian Lands inclusion to the Russian Empire.

The Belarusian Lands in the USSR. The late 1922 saw the foundation of the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics which included the BSSR as well.

The Republic of Belarus (1991- present days). On 15 of March 1994 the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus adopted the new Constitution, which proclaimed Belarus a unitary democratic social law-governed state.